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 Watch the Bowrench in action...

In an ideal world all lumber would be straight and clean... free from warping and bowing. However, in the real world you probably waste a lot of money on bad boards you struggle to use... or worse, throw in the scrap pile.

The Bowrench deck board straightener will save you time and money... just slip the grippers over a joist and in seconds with an easy push or pull on the lever arm you can snug that ornery board into place.
Bowrench holds the board securely in place, freeing up both hands and legs so you can quickly nail or screw the board down. It's that simple! Here's the facts...

• Patented Bowrench is the only one-man hands-free board straightening tool on the market! Use right or left handed... push or pull.

• Works on floors, walls, and overhead... use on cedar, redwood, pressure treated pine, exotics, & synthetics.

• Bowrench works on standard deck boards to 2" thick tongue & groove to plywood sheets... indoors and out... closes up to 2-1/4" gaps!

• Whether you're a contractor, remodeler, or home owner... you'll save money on materials with Bowrench... you'll save time with Bowrench... and you'll do higher quality work with Bowrench.

• Accessories available for additional flexibility.

• Heavy coated steel construction, and made in the USA!

Close gaps up to 2-1/4" + with Bowrench... it's that simple!

Here's what others are saying about Bowrench...

"If you build a deck out of any warped or twisted wood, particularly treated lumber, you need this tool. The time it saves makes it well worth the price." Michael T. - Kansas

"I am building a new home that has two large porches, two large decks and a small balcony. I decked the first porch with T&G Mahogany before I purchased my Bowrench. What a pain! The boards required significant "tweaking" to get them to lay tight. Then the fun would begin; trying to hold the board tight with one hand and trying to get a fastener driven into the deck board with the other."

''The Bowrench simplifies everything! I started on the second porch after I bought this tool. The wrench's "cam-action" not only pulls the deck boards tight, but it holds them there freeing up both hands. I am actually able to use some of the boards I culled from the first porch as being too warped - the Bowrench just pulls them into place. Also, by switching the pivots you can "push" a board instead of pulling it. This was very useful on the porch when I was close to the house. I can't wait to
use it on the rest of the decks. I can't imagine not having one of these decking tools. Definitely worth the money!"
Richard J. - Massachusetts

"I'm an avid do-it-yourselfer and just added a 1,000 square foot deck addition onto our home. I purchased a Bowrench to straighten 5/4" deck boards and it is amazing! Just slip it on the joist and pull the handle - it straightens the board and leaves you with both hands free to fasten the board. Since then I've used it for installing 1" x 6" pine T&G on our kitchen ceiling and for installing log siding on a small cabin we built. I have a shop full of tools and it's one of my favorites! (and this is the cheapest place I could find it!)" Charles S. - Georgia

"The Bowrench is the best decking tool I have ever used because its easy to use, and it doesn't mar joists like other ones. As a contractor who builds a couple of decks a year, this has paid for its self many times over. You can achieve proper gap spacing without digging through the lumber pile for straight boards (if they exist anymore!). I would highly recommend the Bowrench to any deck builder." K. - Wisconsin

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